Will Gadsden

Farotech developed a new SEO strategy that helped Ctrl M Health, Inc. get 11,451 site visits, 454 new contacts, and 30 new appointments and ecommerce users per month

How does Farotech marry a Comprehensive Approach and Being Nimble?

“As a startup company without existing customers, we were starting from ground zero with Farotech. With Farotech’s help, we had a long term structure and comprehensive traditional digital marketing, and we had a more nimble and agile approach, which really was necessary given our sort of “starting fresh out of the gate” status.”


What is your Farotech Experience like?

“When I think back to what our Farotech experience has been, the word collaborative comes to mind. Farotech stepped in, partnered with us, helped us understand our own market opportunities, but then also helped us go out and explore a myriad of different channels to penetrate and to target.”


What was it like to Work with the Farotech Team?

“Working with the Farotech team was frankly a delight at all levels. They were available to us almost all the time and I could tell that they took their work seriously. They took pride in it and it was personal for them. With Farotech, there is a level of intimacy and a level of conductivity which I think it’s harder to find in bigger firms.”


Would you Recommend Farotech to Other Companies?

“Would I recommend Farotech to other companies? The answer is absolutely yes. I have found them to be intense, to be thoughtful, and to develop an intimate understanding of my business. As a partner, I think having a boutique marketing firm engaged with a level of intimacy that is not available at larger firms is a critical differentiator.”


How does Farotech use Technology to Drive Results into your Company?

“Farotech helped us utilize and integrate technology from day one. They used technology to really dig into the data and to really explore where our market was. Who was in it, what they look like, and how we could best penetrate it. Our first couple of efforts, we probably had modest success. But building and digging into that data helped us build into increasing success, increasing momentum and our metrics from day one to now have almost uniformly gotten better quarter over quarter.”