How does Farotech marry a Comprehensive Approach and Being Nimble?


“In answering how Farotech marries a comprehensive approach with a more nimble approach, it’s actually really easy for me to do because I think that Ctrl M health was a great case study in both. As a startup company without existing customers, we were starting from ground zero with Farotech. We were creating every initial marketing document, every initial channel point of contact, and every penetration strategy. Farotech really helped us do two things: One, they helped us understand and put together a strategy which was structured and more mid and long term in nature. It put traditional channel activities in place, many of which were intended to develop over time and gain momentum. But they were also very agile in how they worked with us to try to identify which channels and which activities would have the most impact for us early on. So we had a little bit of both; we had long term structure and comprehensive traditional digital marketing, and we had a more nimble and agile approach, which really was necessary given our sort of “starting fresh out of the gate” status.”