The Big Problem

Marketing is moving fast. Here’s the story all about how Mary, a fictitious CMO, turned her marketing upside down with a team-based approach!


Meet Mary

Mary is a CMO at a company. Her problem? Marketing is more than a one-person job.

A Jane-Of-All-Trades or a Master of None?

Here’s what we know about Marketing Mary: She is excellent at her job. The problem is that because marketing is moving so fast, even if she worked 120 hours a week, there would still be no possible way that she could keep up with all of the demands of the market and the expectations of her company’s clients. Statistics show that expectations from her company’s clients have never been higher in terms of marketing.

They expect her company to…

  • Be a thought leader
  • Make them a great website
  • With a great blog
  • With regular emails
  • Rank on the 1st page of Google
  • Have an amazing social media presence

And the list goes on and on and on…

So, whether your name is Mark or Mary, you’ll either have to focus on one or two areas, and ignore everything else …OR you will try to tackle all of these digital marketing initiatives, but with very little depth.

Simply: Mary doesn’t have the time to do this all effectively.

Essentially she’d be a jane-of-all-trades and a master at none. Over the past 21 years, we’ve found that in such a competitive landscape, you cannot afford to not be a master.

Compounding the Problem: The “Content Overload Crisis”

With so much content out there, Mary’s content is like a needle in a stack of needles. What can she do to stay ahead and rank effectively?


Mary at a Crossroads

CMOs like Mary typically can go one of two routes:

  1. She can either try to handle everything on her own, which we’ve already concluded is practically impossible…
  2. or she can delegate by adding more staff and using multiple vendors, which gets extremely expensive and causes the process to lack cohesion.

For purposes of the example, let’s say she chooses to go with option #2: delegate.

Look at what the common 3 to 5 year journey looks like for a marketing executive in this case…

Commonly, the first person she’d hire would be a content writer because she’s going to need someone to develop blogs, as well as website content, as well as to help out with presentations, etc…

Next on this list, she is going to need to hire someone internally or use an outsourced vendor to help with social media.

And on and on and on…
It adds up. And Mary, already on a tight marketing budget, cannot afford these vendors or employees.

So what’s Mary’s alternative?


A Team-Based Approach

Introducing…Mary the Quarterback

With a team-based approach, Mary has access to subject matter experts only when she needs them.

Think of Mary as the quarterback calling the plays.
Our team executes and protects the pocket with data-driven decisions and content strategy designed for marketing WINS.

Best part? A team-based approach costs WAY less than hiring internally or hiring a bunch of individual vendors.

Our experience shows that the average cost savings is 40%.

Now, Mary can relax knowing that she’s got a marketing team that…

  • Has her back
  • Saves her from the deadly clutches of RAM (Random Acts of Marketing), and ultimately…

Keeps her sales team happy with a comprehensive system that proves ROI on her marketing dollars with qualified leads and results that compound.


The 6 Benefits of Digital Marketing

Choosing a team-based approach is only one of the benefits of Mary’s new system. Let’s take a look at how else Farotech helped CMOs like Mary to take their marketing efforts to a new level…

Systems Not Solutions

We don’t believe in independent, isolated solutions to marketing problems. Our comprehensive system maximizes a flywheel marketing approach that consistently and dependably generates leads, nurtures leads in clients, and converting clients into raving fans of you and your brand, mission, products, and services.

“The #1 flaw in almost any marketing strategy is RAM (Random Acts of Marketing). When marketing is done right, it should work as a unified system where results compound over time.”

Strategic 3-5 Year Road Map

You can’t know where you’re going without knowing where you’ve been. Our 10-week deep dive, called a Gap Assessment, establishes key marketing opportunities and KPIs. We look under the hood of your marketing to determine your goals for the next 3-5 years with metrics & KPIs, scorecards, and editorial calendars to keep you on track.

“This 3-5 year road map is an interactive tool designed to be proactive, predictable, and powerful.”

Team-Based Approach

Long story short, hiring internally or outsourcing marketing efforts to individual vendors is extremely expensive. An agency with a team-based approach like Farotech, staffs your account with Subject Matter Experts (SEO, Social Media, Advertising, Graphic Design, Writing, Strategy) when you need them at a fraction of the cost of hiring internally or using multiple vendors. We work in synergy with your internal marketing personnel to execute the strategy laid out in your 3-5 year road map.

“With a team-based approach, our subject matter experts act as an extension of your staff. Our top priority is synergy.”

Revolutionized Hiring Process

Having a team-based agency in your corner will revolutionize your hiring process. No more juggling multiple vendors. No more time wasted on interview after interview finding the perfect candidate to join your internal marketing team. We free CMOs from spinning their “hiring wheels” so that they can focus on their marketing goals.

Quote: “Say goodbye to vendors who aren’t on the same page and lack synergy all while avoiding costly hiring challenges internally.”

Data-Driven Decisions

The heart of what we do comes down to helping our clients make data-driven decisions. We spend nearly $7,000 a month on software and analytics tools to ensure that our clients maximize every opportunity to close the gap and rank effectively. By leveraging these technologies, we help our clients avoid making decisions based on hunches, trends, or best guesses.

Quote: “When you let your analytics guide you on what is working, what to invest more time in, and what to discard, you can start to build a clearer picture of your marketing.”

ROI & Scalability

At the end of the day, if you can’t prove ROI on your marketing dollars, your CEO probably won’t be too thrilled, and future marketing budgets could be in jeopardy. Our proven, comprehensive system not only generates leads, nurtures leads, and converts leads––but reports on ROI every month and every quarter. It is our #1 goal to show you exactly where your marketing dollars go and how to scale with clarity.

“According to HubSpot, 65% of marketers don’t understand the ROI of their marketing campaigns.”

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