SEO Setup

SEO is a science and a skill, and your success on Google, Yahoo and Bing relies on building a solid foundation.


There are a lot of SEO companies out there that use buzzwords and complicated tech jargon to mask the value of their strategy. At Farotech we conduct extensive market research, analyze your industry, competitive space and create high quality content to target your audience. We create, deliver and publish content to bring quality leads to your business.

Ironically, this setup process is the part that most SEO companies fail to do well (if at all). But we’ve found that it’s absolutely essential to begin any campaign with a thorough analysis. We work to find out how your site measures up against Google’s best practices. During SEO setup, we review of variety of critical components, including:

On Page SEO

Your optimization strategy accounts for nearly 40% of what makes your website rank.


Most SEO companies promise the world to their clients and severely under deliver. Why? The most critical reason comes down to keyword selection. Commonly, SEO agencies try to go after ultra-competitive keywords for their clients… the kind of words that are highly unlikely to achieve a first page rank on the major search engines.

At our Philadelphia SEO company, we do things a little differently. We work to identify your baseline, market entry opportunities and a content strategy with an implementation timeline. In addition to reviewing keyword volume, difficulty and number of advertisers in your space, we review your direct competitors ranking over time to define the most logical entry way into your market space.

Off-Page SEO

Like sitting with the popular kids at high school, you get to be cool by association…


Well, the theory proved true for us in high school and it works even better for us now. How? Well, the most substantial of all of Google’s ranking factors is off-page SEO. It’s all about who you know (what other sites your website is in association with).

In the world of SEO, this “association” is called backlinking. It’s the golden goose of SEO and it accounts for nearly 60% of Google’s critical ranking factors.

Farotech is a great company to work with. They bring enthusiasm and vast knowledge to the table and are extremely willing to accommodate you and your needs. They happily guide you through the basics of SEO for your own personal knowledge and know exactly what to do to help your business succeed.

Maria Campbell, Social Media and Marketing, R2L



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Local Search

A strategic local SEO campaign ensures that you never miss out on business right in your own backyard.


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