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This sophisticated Philadelphia restaurant had a big goal to book solid for the Democratic National Convention. We implemented a priority campaign, and here’s what happened…

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Elevating Top-Floor Entertaining with Top-Notch Marketing Strategies

“…no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.”

— Julia Child, My Life in France

Our Story:

Can you imagine a fine-dining experience 37 floors up, inside Philadelphia’s notable Two Liberty Place? Now, add to this an expansive 40-mile view, hand-crafted cocktails and private event space that accommodates events from 12 to 300 people. Welcome to R2L, one of Philadelphia’s finest dining and entertaining hot spots.

Now that you’ve imagined this aesthetically impressive, culinary mecca under the tutelage of Chef Daniel Stern, can you envision the excitement Farotech felt at having the opportunity to catapult R2L to the next level of greatness? Our mission was to take this multifaceted upscale eatery and entertaining space and market it to the masses.

The Plot Thickens:

In our early conversations with the decision makers at R2L, we learned of their desire to expand marketing outreach and capture new target audiences. We instantly realized the value of an upscale restaurant with a chef-driven menu, panoramic views and luxurious atmosphere – not to mention a location that also lends itself to both intimate and large gala-type events. We simply needed all of Philadelphia (and beyond) to know it.

Strategy Building:

There were specific markets we knew would be essential to target for R2L: Internal PR such as Philly.com, VisitPhilly.com, Phila Visitor’s Bureau, etc.; caterers and event planners and specific local-based buyer personas. To get the dough (pun intended) rolling, we implemented the following digital-marketing strategies:

  • Optimized videos
  • Aggressive email campaigns
  • An event subpage to promote social media and email
  • Focus on Inbound and outbound marketing
  • Creative and intentional blogs
  • Digital brochure and event planner’s checklist

Turning Point

We knew the impetus to our strategical success would be persistence and consistency. Our Farotech team pulled together to relentlessly pursue the channels we put into place to effectively reach specific yet-uncharted target audiences. This included lots of phone calls and emails!



Our efforts in combination with constant communication with R2L, helped us to focus our strategic goals even more finitely. This included the social syndication of SEO driven content through all relevant channels, as well as capitalizing on R2L-specific campaigns like “NFL draft” (steak and beer) and highlighting any other specials or events of interest to locals and/or visitors.

Happy Endings (New Beginnings)

As a result of Farotech’s strategic digital marketing, R2L produced more revenue in one week (DNC) than in the entire month of July the previous summer. R2L also witnessed a 37% increase in visitors coming to the site by way of social media, with a 17% overall increase in leads from the year before.

Among recognition from the media in the form of accolades, R2L received a coveted spot as one of “The Most Romantic Restaurants in Philadelphia” (CBS Philly), and one of the “10 Best Restaurants in Northern Liberties” (The Culture Trip).

Perhaps one of the most noteworthy and exciting accomplishments borne of our relationship with R2L, was a booking for a priority campaign for the Democratic National Convention.

Today, R2L continues to enjoy the fruits of an abundant marketing algorithm … but don’t take our word for it, take theirs:

“Farotech’s commitment to delivering the highest quality work and ensuring that it represents our brand has caused them to put many more hours into delivering certain pieces than normally required, but they do it with an unwavering commitment to doing things right. I don’t often refer people and when I do I need to be certain they will deliver, and I was happy to recommend Farotech.”

— Suzette Mahony, Owner of R2L, Philly’s premier city view restaurant

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