Video Production


Video Development

In an already distracted universe, producing more and more written content is just not the answer.

Statistics show that the human attention span is about 8 seconds, the attention span of a goldfish… 9 seconds. So what are you going to do about that?

The goal of the videos we produce is to help you answer your client’s big problems with what we call a QWASI approach: Questions with answers and simple information. With a writing team and full video production studio on site, we are prepared to help you implement a video strategy that will take your online content to the next level.

According to HubSpot, there is more than a 80% increase in conversion when landing pages include video. Big time conversion happens with bite-sized pieces of compelling information. And that’s what video offers – a medium for communicating a message that consumers will actually pay attention to.

Asset Page Development

Think of it as a video highlight reel on steroids…

Asset pages are specifically designed pages on your site that display a minimum of 5 short videos, each answering a common question or objection from your ideal customers. Because the general consumer is not going to spend much time searching for answers, you have to spoon feed them the information they need – and video is the perfect way to do it!

Benefits of Asset Pages:

  • Allows you to respond to common objections using video
  • Creates a place for helpful, highly digestible content on your site
  • Provides you with video content that can be re-purposed for social media, email marketing and SEO campaigns
  • Leverages the most powerful conversion tool available

Explainer Video

Explaining complicated information through video technology.

We get it. Your potential clients are consuming massive amounts of digital information at an extremely fast pace. That means your company could be just a click away from getting their attention, but you have to be able to communicate a quick, compelling message in an effective manner.

Hand drawn, vector-based and spokesperson videos are able to explain complex solutions in a way that just can’t be done through words and photos.

That’s why Explainer videos are the perfect solution to….

  • Explaining what makes your product or service unique
  • Making complicated processes crystal clear
  • Comparing your product or process with a competitor’s
  • Marketing your products and services in an easy to use format for social, SEO and paid advertising campaigns

Spokesperson Video

Build trust by giving your clients the answers they need, directly from the source.

Establishing thought-leadership is arguably the #1 way to develop the trust you need to convert traffic into sales. Spokesperson videos are designed to explain complex information quickly and effectively. However, the best feature of a spokesperson video is its ability to establish rapport by personally explaining who your company is and what you do.

Data shows that when sales teams are able to directly answer questions and concerns of potential clients, your closing rate dramatically increases. But, now that potential clients are 60% of the way through their buyer’s journey before they ever talk to a salesperson, it’s time to adapt.

Our spokesperson videos allow you to…

  • Answer common questions or objections directly
  • Build trust, which is a key factor in any buying decision
  • Provide a clear answer in a concise way, without distraction
  • Create bite-sized videos that can be shared on social, email, and for SEO

Testimonial Video

Illustrate your brand story in a way that resonates with potential clients.

Customer testimonials are extremely effective. According to Boast, they have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing at 89%. Now, imagine combining the power of testimonials with the engagement of video – the result is a a brand story that’s sure to engage potential clients!

With well placed testimonial videos, you can…

  • Boost the conversion rate of your landing pages
  • Multiply the social proof across various social platforms
  • Increase your open and click-through rates on email campaigns
  • Create bite-sized videos that can be shared on social