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Comprehensive Digital
Marketing With PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC), Google Ads, and social media advertising:
What does it all do? And do you even need it?

At Farotech, we know paid advertising like PPC, Google ads, and social media advertising can make your company more competitive. But, PPC will only work if you plan and execute it correctly as part of a comprehensive digital marketing plan.

With over 17 years of success in digital marketing and paid ad services, we know precisely how to develop, execute, and manage customized data-driven digital marketing strategies.

We understand that it can be challenging to know where to begin if you’re new to PPC. However, Farotech successfully partners and educates companies of all sizes across a variety of industries. Take a look at our process:

  • We educate partners about digital marketing.
  • We work collaboratively to define performance goals.
  • We create a comprehensive and customized marketing strategy to reach these goals.

In this blog, learn about different paid ad services and when and where to use them in your marketing.

Paid Ad Services 101: The Basics

PPC is a form of advertising where you set a budget for your ads on a platform such as Google or Facebook and then only pay for the clicks you receive—hence the term pay-per-click.

There are a variety of similar types of advertising, such as pay-per-impression or pay-per-view. All such models work on the premise that you pay only when the intended interaction—views, clicks, or impressions—occur.

There are two main types of paid ad services: Google Ads and social media ads. While they have their differences, they can both be extremely valuable tools for your business. Used correctly, they can get you in front of the right customers at the right time.

Google Ads

Google Ads, the platform formerly known as “Google Adwords,” operates on a PPC model and is “the place to be” for paid advertising in today’s marketing landscape.

With Google ads, you create ads and bid on being displayed on a keyword-by-keyword basis. Depending on the demand for the keyword and the number of clicks your business wants to purchase, the cost per click (CPC) can either cost you less than a dollar or more than fifty dollars. For each click that the ads receive, you pay Google that predetermined amount.

Types of Google Ads

Types of Social Media Ads

“72% of AdWords marketers plan to increase their PPC budgets.” (Search Engine Watch)

If you’re looking at your overall marketing budget and wondering if it makes sense to allocate a portion of it to paid ad services, you’re not alone. Many CMOs see statistics like those above and wonder if they, too, should invest in pay-per-click.

After years of partnering with businesses like yours, we have developed some guidelines of when it does—and does not—make sense to pursue PPC. Of course, these are simply guidelines; you should make any decision with the full context of your online presence, goals, and resources.

When it Is Appropriate to Use PPC

  1. Supplement to SEO Marketing
  2. Build awareness of new products/services.
  3. Beat out your more well-known competition.

While the list above does not consist of hard and fast rules, they provide a guide to judge if PPC is a worthwhile investment for your company. If PPC is valuable and if you properly execute a customized PPC strategy, it can bring enviable results.

At Farotech, we can confidently say that PPC should never be your whole digital marketing campaign. However, we do believe in comprehensive marketing systems, in which paid ad services can play an instrumental role.

If you’re struggling to determine if PPC is right for your business or where to begin, reach out! Farotech partners with businesses like yours to provide strategies and management for Google and social PPC advertising, as well as SEO, inbound marketing, and web development. Learn more, or schedule a complimentary consultation by contacting us today.


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