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A Three to Five-Year Roadmap to 5x or 10x Your Business’ Lead Opportunities

Top marketers proactively plan projects and campaigns. Marketers who proactively plan projects are 356% more likely to report success.” – CoSchedule.com

If you are an established business committed to growth, you know how important a marketing plan can be. Unfortunately, it is also easy to wake up one day and realize that you have never made a marketing plan a true priority.

Many of our clients come to us with a couple of days worth of brainstorming, summarized into a few ideas, plugged into a generic marketing plan template. It often looks more like a wish list than an actual plan.

But, a plan is a whole lot different than a systematic strategy with a purpose. An effective approach to marketing requires more than a simple marketing assessment. It takes a serious, upfront commitment to research and analysis. That’s where a competitive marketing strategy really starts.

If you take a minute to honestly ask yourself some critical questions, would you find that your marketing plan is lacking a strategic edge?

  • What are your three to five-year goals?
  • What are your short and long-term approaches?
  • How is your current analytics helping you make data-driven decisions about what to do next?
  • Do you have growth goals without a plan to get there?

If your marketing plan can’t answer these questions, you might be surprised exactly how much time and money you’re wasting on well-intentioned marketing efforts that simply won’t be effective because they aren’t substantiated by research and data.

You’re probably working really hard. We’d rather you work really smart.

And that’s exactly why we offer our clients a Gap Assessment.



The Critical Intel You’ve Always Wanted—Right at Your Fingertips

Digital marketing success requires a roadmap. Our Gap Assessment develops that map for you and puts you on track with a recommended three to five-year strategic plan to increase your business’ lead opportunities between by 5x to 10x based upon your aggression goals.

What Does the Gap Assessment Process Look Like?

  1. Our team conducts a customized study to identify specific gaps (opportunities) in your current marketing efforts. This process can take anywhere from six to ten weeks and between 45 and 105 hours of research from our team, depending on the level of assessment you request.
  2. We hand you an 80 to 100 page customized report that shows you (think graphs, tables, projections, and analytics) exactly what the road ahead looks like, and where you’ll end up if you take it. Request a sample Gap Assessment to take a peek inside!
  3. For those stakeholders at your company who need a more accessible reference, we also provide a summary of the key findings in a resource we call “the scorecard,” which includes all of the critical information at a glance!
  4. We also help develop your editorial calendar template, that include deliverables concepts that we have identified in the process along with prioritized ideas that should be developed throughout the 1st year.

What Does the Gap Assessment Include?
During our research phase, we will collect, analyze, and report findings related to all aspects of your marketing in order to achieve the following:

  • 10x business leads and opportunities
  • Identify critical gaps in your market approach
  • Develop foundational marketing assets to scale campaigns
  • Create and maintain a marketing Scorecard & key performance indicators
  • Identify quarterly priorities and goals
  • Review competition
  • Identify the lifetime value of current and prospective clients
  • Establish a return on investment model that scales as the business grows

Your marketing assessment will be delivered in the form of a comprehensive report, an at-a-glance scorecard, and final presentation. We also provide a proposal for our recommendations on how to move forward, using the provided data to strategically leverage your marketing efforts.



Putting the Data to Work for You

We’re firm believers in starting with data if you want to do marketing right. The Gap Assessment is actually more than nice—it’s necessary. But once you have all that critical data, all in one customized report (your roadmap), it’s up to you what you do with it.

After all, it doesn’t help to know more if you aren’t going to do something different.

To make the whole process really accessible, we also provide you with a Scorecard, which is an at-a-glance resource that categorizes your marketing priorities by color: red (critical), yellow (moderate priority), and green (to optimize in the future).

If you think of the Gap Assessment as a roadmap toward major marketing goals, then the Scorecard is a day to day, week to week, month to month playbook.

We love to walk side by side with our clients to help them use their Gap Assessment data and their Scorecard priority list to really see explosive results.

For example, we used this approach to help a regional orthopedic practice meet a goal of generating $10 million-plus in website-generated, new patient appointments in one year!

What’s your revenue goal?

You answer that question, and we’ll provide the strategy to get you there. We use a proven digital marketing system that will allow you to put wheels to the pavement and follow that roadmap toward transformative growth.

We’re going to 5x to 10x your lead opportunities, but that’s just the beginning. We’ll simultaneously be developing more efficient strategies for improving your conversion rate. When we take these two factors and also calculate your average lifetime value of a client, you can start to get a realistic picture of the fiscal gains over time from using our marketing system.

Opportunities x Conversion Rate x Lifetime Value = Predictable forecasted Revenue for Your Company

Cast a Clear Marketing Vision

If you don’t have a roadmap, chances are you’re being a reactive marketer instead of a proactive marketer. If you do have a plan, but it’s not based on data, then your team is probably lacking a compass to direct their efforts.

Many companies waste so much time and money trying to navigate marketing strategy on their own. Why not invest up front in a Gap Assessment to cast a clear vision and provide a practical plan to reach your goals?

Discover a Customized Marketing Plan With Proven ROI

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