What was it like to Work with the Farotech Team


“Working with the Farotech team was frankly a delight at all levels. Day to day, we were working with Lindsey and Gabby as our two point people. They were available to us almost all the time. Frankly, they probably would get in trouble for me saying this, but I’m pretty confident that they work more hours than they were budgeted to work in helping us try to solve some problems and it was greatly appreciated. I could tell that they took their work seriously, they took pride in it, and it was personal for them. That made them feel like a team. But that teamwork and that sort of personal relationship didn’t end there. Chris, at the top of the hierarchy, was actively engaged. He was aware of what was going on for us and was always there to help us network to help us find and think through new strategies. That type of collaboration from top to bottom and bottom to top is why I think a boutique digital marketing company really is the way to go. There is a level of intimacy and a level of conductivity which I think it’s harder to find in bigger firms.”