Automated Software Testing and You!


Before an app can be released to the public, there needs to be a testing phase to see whether your predicted outcomes hold true. If you’re wondering what data driven testing is, you’ve come to the right place!

Data Driven TestingTesting your marketing software application isn’t a voluntary step — it is absolutely crucial to the success of your marketing plan. After all, software testing isn’t just about seeing if your application works, but whether your application is the right tool you need to develop your plan, by replacing human activities (like clicking) with an automated software testing system that will track and record the effectiveness of the application.

Basic automated software testing inputs pre-scripted texts to test the effect of the application. Though almost all automated software requires some level of customization to your program, the idea is to create a “blanket software” that runs basic operations and checks for expected results.

However, this “blanket software” can be customized, and made more efficient, through data driven testing.

Data Driven Testing? Huh?

What is data driven testing, you ask? Data driven testing takes into account variables that have the ability to change the test results. These variables are separated from the test scripts and labeled an ‘external asset.’ Then the testing is driven by, you guessed it, your data input!

You choose what data you will input to run the test, allowing you to test different data to see if your input matches up with your expected output.

This automated, data-driven testing could be the key to your marketing success, and Farotech is ready to give you a hand in your journey to data driven awesomeness. We can help you navigate the open seas of automated software tests and the tools you need to test your applications effectively.

To learn more about our services and how we can help grow your business, contact us today!

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