The Tossup: Knowing the Benefits of SEO and PPC for Your Company

If the first step in overcoming an obstacle is recognizing that there is one, then the second step must be devising a good plan to deal with it. Marketing obstacles come in all shapes and sizes – they could be a lack of new customers, or simply not knowing how to get your foot in the marketing door in the first place. Whatever the problem, the most common approaches can usually be boiled down to one of two strategies: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

Between SEO and PPC, the approach you take completely depends on what kind of problem you’re facing, and what your goals are for your business.

The question is a common one – should my business be using PPC ads or a more organic approach involving SEO? Again, the answer depends on your business goals:

  • Is your product or service particularly new?
  • Is there a learning curve to purchasing your product or service?
  • Does your product or service have a large barrier to entry?
  • Are you well recognized in your industry?

With these questions in mind, let’s take a closer look at what we at Farotech have noticed about PPC and SEO.

SEO and PPC: Is One Better than the Other?

Understanding the difference between SEO and PPC is tricky. For one thing, PPC wouldn’t work without incorporating aspects of SEO. However, separating the two and understanding their individual uses is still crucial to taking the right approach to your unique marketing strategy.

SEO involves optimizing your website and your website’s content to appear better in organic searches, which requires you to be an authority on understanding your marketing obstacles and creating solutions to overcome them. You generate personalized keywords that result from researching your customer base, and create content to match those keywords.

PPC, on the other hand, is more along the lines of a traditional advertising campaign. You pay for advertising space for specific keywords to show up on search engines. That said, there are still aspects of SEO that need to be involved: knowing what keywords to target with your paid ad space means doing the same research you’d need to do with an organic SEO strategy.

Let’s sum up.

The main benefit of SEO is the better quality traffic leads it tends to return, and having a successful SEO campaign means you did the hard work necessary to get there. Google, and other search engines will know you’re a credible business if your hard work has paid off.

PPC, however, gives you the opportunity to target keyword searches directly, and even the option of advertising on other sites whose traffic matches your buyer personas.

When it comes to SEO vs. PPC, don’t just assume one strategy is objectively better. Each has their own benefits, and the ROI simply depends on what your goals are for your business.

For more information on SEO and PPC, or to enlist a marketing company that knows the ins and outs of choosing a personalized strategy, get in touch with Farotech today!