3 Physical Therapy SEO Ideas for Your Practice


Many business owners are discovering that in order to compete in the 21st century, learning to navigate the internet is one of the inevitable keys to success. This is certainly true across a wide variety of industries, and physical therapy offices are no exception to this rule. For many people who are just beginning to figure out internet marketing strategies, there can be a huge learning curve, and it is difficult to find time and energy for learning new skills and technology, on top of the many responsibilities that come with managing a practice. Fortunately, you can ease your transition into the world of inbound marketing with a few simple physical therapy SEO ideas.

physical therapy seo ideas

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a strategy that companies have been using for several years in efforts to draw more traffic to their websites. When you have a high quality, professionally designed website, you improve your chances of bringing in new patients to your physical therapy practice. However, without implementing an SEO campaign, you may not have many visitors to your website in the first place. With three simple physical therapy SEO ideas from Farotech, you can drive more traffic to your site by ranking among the top search results for your potential clients.

Boost Your Rankings with These 3 Physical Therapy SEO Ideas

  1. Long-tail keywords
    Many SEO strategies employ the frequent repetition of basic keywords like “physical therapy” as a means of boosting their rankings in Google or Yahoo! search results. Instead, we suggest longer, more detailed keywords that reflect what your particular buyer persona is likely looking for.

  2. Professional Writing
    The content of your pages should be more than just quickly written material with strategically placed links and overused keywords. Quality writing will capture the attention of visitors to your website, while careless writing will reflect a careless business.

  3. Visual Appeal
    Your pages need more than quality content. Eye-catching graphics and short videos will make a big difference in keeping your visitors’ attention.

Contact Farotech for more information on SEO and inbound marketing for physical therapy practices. We look forward to helping you establish a professional web presence so you can reach more patients.

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