Our Best Orthopedics Inbound Marketing Tips


You’re here because you’re looking for orthopedics inbound marketing tips and we just want you to know that you’re in the right place. For years, Farotech has worked with a wide range of service providers in the medical field. From dentists to physical therapists and – you guessed it – orthopedic practices, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t and now we’re prepared to share it with you!orthopedics inbound marketing tips

Orthopedics Inbound Marketing Tips

If you know anything about inbound marketing as a philosophy of advertising, you know that it fits very well within the context of a service-based industry such as orthopedic care. Why? Well, because inbound marketing is all about reaching out to and connecting with potential clients who are already looking for the services you have to offer. With a medical business, there will always be potential clients (or “patients”) and the real goal is just to funnel those already seeking individuals toward you as their provider of choice. You don’t have to create demand or “sell” a product. You simply have to guide patients (who are already looking) toward the right place. And you do that through the following proven techniques and orthopedic inbound marketing tips.

  • Create an information hub – the more helpful your website is, the more trust and appreciation you build with a prospective patient

  • Reach out on social media – facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin and others can be utilized to help build your brand and connect with patients

  • Blogging is key – keeping an up-to-date, healthy blog can be your means of incorporating new search terms into your site on a weekly basis (and guaranteeing that your pages get indexed by search engines more frequently)

Make a trade – offer free resources on your site, but remember to always trade them for something that’s of value to you: the potential patient’s contact information

Orthopedics Inbound Marketing Tips | Orthopedic Inbound Marketing Tips