Orthopedic Doctor Inbound Marketing Ideas: How to Create a Great Blog


Orthopedic doctors have many choices when embarking on an effort to expand their online presence. Internet marketing has become a field that is accessible to everyone, no matter what their profession. If you are an orthopedic doctor looking for inbound marketing ideas, be assured that there are some very easy ways to start this adventure. By adding a few new marketing aspects and a commitment to update every so often, you can channel more potential patients to your website.

Inbound marketing is a unique type of marketing, based on the idea that most people prefer to choose how they are being advertised to. These days, with internet cookies that monitor browsing preferences, people are becoming more accustomed to advertising customized to their interests and taste. In inbound marketing, the approach is even more liberal—you create interesting content that will bring people to you, instead of conventional advertising which is interruptive (aka internet pop-ups, cold calling, television ads).

Consider this orthopedic doctor inbound marketing idea: Create an online blog.

You can write about what kinds of medical services you provide, such as types of surgeries or problems that you treat—musculoskeletal injuries, rheumatic distress, chronic pain, etc. In this information age, your patients want to know about what you do and how you treat people. Blogging serves as an instrument of education.

  • How To’s can get your patients’ attention. These can be quite basic, such as tips for basic care of someone with rheumatic diseases.
  • Discuss the benefits of a particular treatment. What has been a successful trend in the orthopedic world? Perhaps a new medication for pain relief has been well-received by people with a particular type of injury.
  • Respond to a medical community issue with a unique angle. What has been a controversial question in the research community, and how do you think it should be addressed?

If you would like more information on this topic or are interested in enhancing your orthopedic inbound marketing, please contact Farotech for a free consultation. We are happy to work with you and help you figure out the best platform to expand your online presence—and your client base.

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