Why You Need Lead-Nurturing CRM


Lead-nurturing CRM (customer relationship management), could be the key to boosting sales, developing customer relationships, and saving money in your marketing budget. If that doesn’t convince you, we don’t know what will.

Seventy-nine percent of marketing leads never turn into sales, because many companies focus more on gaining recognition rather than building relationships that will last beyond initial contact. That’s why lead nurturing software is so vital to the success of your marketing campaign.

At Farotech, we believe in the power of lead nurturing in turning cold leads into clients. Lead nurturing is the process of nurturing your company’s relationships with leads through marketing automation, location-based services, and sales force automation. Without lead nurturing, your sales and marketing team could be wasting time sending email blasts and chasing leads that will never turn into clients. But with customer-based software and automated communications to target clients based on the stages of the sales cycle, your sales team will be more effective and achieve higher success rates.

One such customer-based software, known as CRM (customer relationship management), makes it easier for businesses to access and manage customer information to increase the success of a lead nurturing strategy. CRM can also track calendars and tasks, as well as recording customer/business interactions for your records and review.

Lead nurturing CRM can also incorporate the use of social media platforms to fully engage potential and current clients via Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. This Social CRM software will simplify your online marketing campaign by targeting leads that could actually turn into clients, and will increase the likelihood of holding the attention of these clients.

At Farotech, we can work with your marketing team to ensure that you are using lead nurturing tactics to your best advantage. To learn more about our lead nurturing best practices, and why we are on the cutting edge of marketing research, contact us today!

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