Inbound Marketing Company, Philadelphia: 3 Marketing Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Website


Wondering how to drive more traffic to your website and get more clients or customers?

Considering inbound marketing strategies and/or looking for an inbound marketing company Philadelphia?
 Inbound marketing company Philadelphia
Farotech wants to provide you with a few tips for how to increase the amount of hits you get to your website, which very likely may be the #1 way your new customers and clients will find you!

These tips are not a quick-fix solution, but as you begin implementing them, you should notice a definite increase in the amount of volume you receive at your site. These require constant maintenance to get the results you are looking for. If you feel the need to devote yourself to your businesses’ major activities and don’t think you will have the time or expertise to implement these and other marketing strategies, you should consider contracting with us (www.farotech.com). Farotech offers marketing services for a wide variety of industries and can offer many happy customer testimonials about the quality of our services.

#1. Use long keyword tails. Gone are the days when a single keyword will get people to your website. You should think about all the words/phrases related to your topic and try to incorporate them into your text as much as possible. This will increase the likelihood of someone searching for these words on Google to hit your website.

#2. Start a Facebook group to bring more people to your site. The Facebook strategy takes time and, it is true that Facebook marketing is becoming a whole world on its own. The way that your page will show up on people’s pages etc. is certainly not straightforward. But if you have a group page which you use to keep increasing members, this provides a long-term strategy for your business’s sustainability. How useful would it be if someone was scrolling down their Facebook news feed, to see your business and remember they needed to buy thus-and-such? Farotech can help you with this, too.

#3. Post Regularly and with High Frequency. If you’re providing quality posts on a regular basis, you will see your site hits increase on a scalable level. Neil Patel at QuickSprout found that posting 6x per week increased blog traffic by a whopping 18.6 %! The best advice is to commit to a number and stick to it.

Looking for more advice on how to drive traffic to your page and other strategies from your inbound marketing company Philadelphia? Contact us at Farotech: 267.387.6620 .

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