Inbound Lead Generation That Has Clients Coming to You!


Inbound lead generation tactics are about attracting potential clients to your business and transforming them into satisfied customers.

Sounds like exactly what your business needs, right? That’s because it is! Without proper marketing to potential clients, your business will fall apart. At Farotech, we work with businesses like yours to help develop inbound lead generation plans that will transform the way you do marketing.

Let’s begin with a few definitions to show you what we do:

Lead (n): a potential client that expresses interest in your company’s services

Lead generation (n): the process of turning these leads into customers

So, that’s it right? Well, not quite. It’s not easy to make the jump from lead to effective lead generation. And a lot of companies do it incorrectly.

Without proper lead generation techniques, you could just be a marketing nuisance. General email blasts and unprompted phone calls to potential clients may seem like a good way to attract business, but instead you end up with few new clients, and a lot of annoyed lost-leads. That’s because lead generation isn’t just about attracting attention…it’s about creating relationships.

Relationships Through Inbound Marketing

In order to create committed customers that continue to return to your business, it is essential to think less about marketing and more about relationships.

At Farotech, we teach businesses to develop relationships with leads through:

  • Creating quality content that draws traffic to your site
  • Anticipating buyer personas to tailor your marketing plan to your leads
  • Nurturing leads through automated email marketing that allows leads to download offers or get the information for which they are searching
  • Synchronizing social media to your inbound marketing plan to increase contact and accessibility to potential clients
  • Analyzing and reporting on lead nurturing tactics that are or are not working for you

All of these lead generation ideas are certain to help your business boom, turning cold leads into clients.

To learn more about our lead generation process, contact Farotech today