How To Generate Leads From LinkedIn


Baby Steps

Everyone seems to be on LinkedIn these days. But how can you use your connections to gain some good leads? With almost 300 million members online, the potential for networking is exponential. 64% of all corporate website traffic comes directly from LinkedIn itself – that’s not even including other social media platforms. Don’t let all that traffic go to waste. Take some steps today to start harnessing the power of LinkedIn and discover how to generate leads from LinkedIn. The best way to start is with baby steps.How To Generate Leads From LinkedIn

Invest and Build

First, invest a few minutes every day into connection with people on your “People You May Know” list. It doesn’t take long but your network will slowly increase. Expert tip: include your LinkedIn profile information on your business card and highlight it when you hand it over to a new acquaintance. Second, make sure to follow your current clients and any clients that are your future prospects. Look for their company page and keep an eye on it. Third, and most importantly, find and join groups. It’s the perfect platform for targeted sharing, relationship building, and adding value. You’ll discover how to generate leads on LinkedIn in no time.

Keep It Consistent

The best way to utilize the power of LinkedIn and find out how to generate leads from LinkedIn is to do a little bit every day. A small investment each day will pay off big in the long run. Daily connections will gain you quality leads much faster than spending a few hours on LinkedIn every month in one big session. Experts recommend you spend no more than 20 minutes on Linkedin per day. It doesn’t have to be a huge commitment, just a consistent one. For more advice on how to generate leads from LinkedIn, visit our blog.

How To Generate Leads From LinkedIn | How to Generate Leads On LinkedIn