Gap Assessment


The Importance of A 3-5 Year Road Map

The #1 problem that most companies have is that they get so excited to start their marketing plan that they fail to take the time and the energy to really take a deep dive into their business to understand where the critical gaps are in their approach.

The gap assessment is like a SWAT analysis on steroids whose benefits are various and include the following:

  • Identifying critical gaps in your marketing approach
  • Developing foundational marketing assets to scale campaigns
  • Creating and maintaining a marketing scorecard
  • Identifying your quarterly priorities and goals
  • Reviewing your competition
  • Identifying the lifetime value of your current and prospective clients
  • Establishing an ROI model that scales as your business grows

We’re a big fan of the expression “measure twice, cut once”. This is what a gap assessment enables you to do by developing a 3-5 year road map. Don’t be one of those companies that fail to measure.

This eBook should give you some of the preliminary information that you would need to create a gap assessment effectively.

99.9% of the marketing agencies you choose might only put in 3 hours of work to justify a $100,000 figure! Only 0.01% will do the deep dive you really need.

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