3 Foolproof Ways to Format Marketing Plan


From the time you were little, people have been asking what you wanted to be when you grow up. For little kids, it’s acceptable to say something preposterous like ‘astronaut’ or ‘president’ or ‘doctor.’ However, our society deems it wrong to say ‘doctor president astronaut.’ There’s an idea that each person gets to choose one path in life, and then they have to follow that path. It’s okay to change ideas somewhere along the way, as long as you can have one plan at a time.

This is the exact reason many people today feel so limited and confined: like their fate has already been written. At Farotech, we believe in taking a different approach when we do format marketing plan. Rather than limiting you to one path, one option, we want to explore multiple paths to generate multiple parts of a marketing plan.

format marketing planBefore you begin, you should ask yourself the following questions that we offer you:

  • What Kinds of Offers Will We Make Available to Prospective Clients?
  • How Will We Go About Promoting Those Offers and Generating Traffic?
  • What Will We Use to Collect, Sort and Respond to Lead Information?
  • What is Our Strategy for Converting Leads?
  • Do We Have a Plan for Marketing Automation and Lead Nurturing?

Once these questions are answered, you can move on to a multi-pathed format marketing plan.

Three Steps to Format Marketing Plans

  1. Identify your audience

Once you’ve identified who you’re selling to, you can come up with buyer personas. These handy spreadsheets are full of easy questions that you can fill out that will help sharpen your goals and set the format of a marketing plan when the time comes.

  1. Define Your Goals

SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound. Each goal you set must meet these criteria, or you’ll find yourself falling short, overworked and underpaid. The SMART goal is one that your whole team can get behind…one that will grow alongside your business as you expand into the future.

  1. Find the Pitfalls

A competitive overview that compares you against your competitors is a product of a good strategic marketing plan. Knowing where your competitors have gone wrong can help your marketing plan template to succeed.
For any clarifications, contact Farotech. Our team of marketing experts are there to help you develop of the format marketing plans that you need to succeed.

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