Social Media Advertising

Social Media Ads
Features Basic Plan Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Monthly Ad Spend $350 – $1,000 $1,001-$2,500 $2,501-$5,000 $5,001-$8,000
One Time Set-up or Clean-up
(1st Month)Can be amortized over 6-months
$1,350 $1,650 $2,250 $4,650
Number of Ads Up to 2 Up to 4 Up to 6 Up to 10
Ad campaign copywriting & revision
Dedicated Account Manager
Facebook/Instagram OR LinkedIn
Video Ads (Clients need to provide video or purchase a Farotech web video production package)
Initial campaign development & strategy
A/B Split Test (ad copy performance testing)
Ongoing Adjustments

Tracking code installation

  • Facebook Pixel
  • LinkedIn Insights Tag
Monthly Reporting
Targeting/Custom Audience Setup
Access to Shutterstock Photos, Image Resizing, Add Logo

Remarketing Campaign After 3-6 months of Campaign Running

  • Web page visits
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Link Clicks
Landing Page & Thank You Page Set-up & Development

(Priced Per Landing Page)

Add $450 per set Add $450 per set 1 Set Included
Ad design By Quote ($900) By Quote ($900) By Quote ($900)
Weekly Data Calls: Review campaign & change as necessary $400/month $400/month $400/month
Progressive monthly management cost: $450 (& minimum for all plans) $450/mo or 25%, whichever is higher $500/mo or 20%, whichever is higher $900 or 18%, whichever is higher