Because We Know We’re Blessed

From clean water projects to educational initiatives…

We work hard for our clients, but our dedication doesn’t stop there. We are committed to those we have the privilege to serve around the world as well. You might call it charity. We like to call it gleaning. It means that each time we grow, we get to give a little bit more. And that drives us.


[glee-ning] : noun

An ancient agricultural custom, which allowed the poor to gather a portion of the yield from a privately owned field as the crop was being harvested.

At the core of this practice is the assumption that the harvest is meant for sharing. It assumes that owners should never plow to the edges. And it assumes that those less fortunate have a right to the yield.

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Responsibility & Privilege

Here’s What it Means to Us


We believe that as a growing company in a first world nation, we have a social responsibility to look out for those who are less fortunate. This belief is more than a nice idea. It’s a core part of our company DNA.

1. We plant to the edges.
Putting in the work to grow is not a chore. It’s an opportunity and a privilege – and one that we’re blessed to have. So, we grow intentionally, which allows us to give generously.

2. We take responsibility for every square inch.
Our commitment is to always doing the right thing, even when it’s hard. We strive every day to maintain the kind of integrity and work ethic that our clients deserve because we’ve been given a field to harvest, and we want to be good stewards.

3. We don’t harvest to the edges.
Growing to give means seeing profit in a whole new light. We know we’re fortunate, and we’re just flat out grateful. We never assumed that 100% of the harvest belonged to us.

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Projects & Projections

Here’s What We Do About It


Over the years, we’ve had the luxury of meeting some truly amazing and inspiring people in some of the poorest parts of the world. We simply refused to come back to the comfort of the U.S. and reflect on our experiences with stupid, empty statements like, “It really makes you think, doesn’t it?….”

Instead, we decided to put our money (and our time and our bikes) where our mouth was. We got busy with a few key projects that we feel are allowing us the planting room to grow to give. Let the gleaning commence!