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Penn Dental

is widely considered the best dental school in the nation. A site overhaul for this prestigious brand produced more than a pretty web presence. Read more about our work and their results.

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Branding at It’s Best: Penn Dental’s Rise to Recognition

In early 2015, Penn Dental was averaging less than 5,000 visits per month. We helped them increase their traffic by over 170%, averaging 13,600 during the first half of 2017.


Our Story:

Did you know that Penn Dental is one of the oldest university-affiliated dental schools in the nation? Having an opportunity to work with this deep-rooted, nationally-acclaimed institution is something we embraced from the beginning of our relationship (score!).

Just as Penn Dental recognized the potential in us to redirect and inspire a new marketing strategy, we embraced the challenges and honor of elevating Penn Dental’s brand to make it all it was meant to be and more. As we go forward, we continue to maintain the goal of increased visibility and effective conversion.

The Plot Thickens:

There we were, faced with a remarkable and highly recognizable university that had great potential, but that lacked a digital marketing strategy that reflected their prestige. How would we rectify this? We needed a plan of attack, but before doing so, we needed to identify specific areas in need of improvement.

Strategy Building:

We knew we needed to pinpoint the exact causes contributing to the negative marketing environment and visibility/conversion challenges that overshadowed Penn Dental’s brand. We immediately engaged in an effective communication process with Penn that enabled us to learn their history, services and concerns. Here’s what we discovered as the crux of their marketing challenges:

  • Low SEO rankings
  • Website usability challenges
  • Poor user engagement
  • An inefficient lead management system

Turning Point

Information noted. Problems identified. Time to roll up our shirt sleeves – and we did.

We started with a full website overhaul with a new look and tone…

Then we added SEO and inbound marketing to boost traffic to the new site, and strategic development to mold Penn’s major buyer personas by implementing software to accommodate automated lead segmenting and drip marketing email workflows.



Now you may be wondering … that “brand blowing out of the water” sounds great, but how did you do it? Here’s how; we:

  • Collaborated in-house across our web and inbound marketing divisions to create tools and strategies to achieve Penn’s goals
  • Called upon our design team to create two independent landing pages with easily accessible gateways to separate content specific to different buyer personas
  • Produced content – videos, blogs, SEO pages and social media posts to focus on answering frequently asked questions
  • Utilized live toggle mapping tools to showcase multiple office locations in a user-friendly manner
  • Created calls to action on every page to elicit user engagement
  • Implemented a keyword strategy to target optimal words with high visibility and low difficulty to generate more leads

Happy Endings (New Beginnings)

Not only is Penn Dental the brand it was meant to be, it’s the brand meant for all to see. As a result of continued communication with Penn’s decision makers and Farotech’s in-house collaboration and ardent teamwork, we have thus far:

  • Established an overall increase in user engagement. (When you compare Jan 2015 with Jan 2017, you’ll see a HUGE 143% increase in traffic.)
  • Developed a brand to match the prestige of Penn’s practice
  • Increased performance in every step of the sales cycle (from visibility, optimization, and usability, to conversion and lead management automation)


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