Sports Medicine Marketing


Sports medicine is a relatively new player in the medical field, but it is one of the fastest growing areas of specialty. By 2017, the sports medicine industry is expected to reach $5.7 billion in annual income. With all these sports medicine doctors and practices popping up everywhere, sports medicine marketing is becoming increasingly competitive. If sport medicine marketing is something you’re unfamiliar with, check out these awesome new marketing ideas that really work. But before you begin, do some brainstorming with your client about how their sports medicine practice is unique or special within the industry.

Sports Medicine Marketing

First, your client should focus their practice on area athletics. Not only will this boost their local SEO campaign, but local athletes are a perfect way to grow the practice and build a reputation. High schools and colleges in the area are just waiting to partner with a sports medicine practice or doctor. It’s a great marketing strategy and the brand can get out into the community in a natural way. Sponsor a sporting event or offer to be on the premises for different games. Don’t take away from the athletic trainer’s role, just supplement what is already happening.

Second, offer educational opportunities to the community. Great marketing is always local and natural – you don’t have to sell anyone anything. Just set up a conference, participate in some local town events, and you’ll develop new patient relationships easily and naturally. Give talks at local schools and businesses. Join in with other medical professionals in the community and put on a seminar that is open to the public.

Third, don’t forget about local SEO. It will put you on the map with people who live close by and are in need of your services. Sports medicine marketing can be simple, just stay consistent.

Sports Medicine Marketing | Sport Medicine Marketing