Transform Your SEO With These 5 Simple SEO Tips For Small Business


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) algorithms have changed drastically over the past 20 years. Around 1995, SEO was very simple. Search results used to be displayed in alphabetical order, making optimizing your website extremely easy.simple seo tips for small business

Today, opening up a small business, especially web-based, requires strategy on your part. This is where Farotech becomes your source for 5 simple SEO tips for small business owners.

  1. Do not duplicate content. Duplicating content is one of the worst things you can do for search engine optimization. When search engines recognize duplication, they immediately reject your SEO, throwing you to the bottom of the pile. If you are writing about the same keyword 5 times, think out of the box. If you must copy information from another site, be sure that it is 80% different than what was written before.
  2. Use proper keywords. Many websites can create great content, but without proper keyword placement, it is useless. You should be using the exact keyword phrase twice in an SEO, and the third time as a variation of that keyword that has been provided in the meta description.
  3. Meta descriptions. This controls what is seen on the search engine, regarding description of a website. For example,  when a potential client plugs in their keyword search to google, they will receive a list of websites that pertain to their keyword, and below the website title will be the meta description. Be sure the description is simple, clear and intriguing to attract more traffic.
  4. Do not duplicate page titles. Be sure that your page title is not just your company name, but descriptively different for each page on your website. For example, something as simple as “Home”, “Contact Us” or “About” can make a world of a different from “Farotech” or “Farotech Home”. Be simply creative.
  5. Write rich, authentic content. Search engines caught on when companies started using service from content mills. It is exactly what it sounds like. An automatic SEO generator that creates bland, tasteless, ineffective SEO’s for the sake of saving time. Search engines are now demanding quality writing from a real person. Go figure! Be sure to make your SEO’s as lengthy as possible. Some are written with at least 300 words, while others 1,500. Play around with what works for your business. Remember, you can never write too much.

We hope you found this information to be useful. Farotech not only offers professional SEO service for your website, but many other services including branding, inbound marketing and web development.

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Simple SEO Tips For Small Businesses | Simple SEO Tips For Small Businesses