Google Video Analytics That Will Seriously Speed Up Your Sales Cycle

Revolutionize Your Sales Funnel With Video Analytics

Anytime we start working with a new client, whether it’s to complete an initial Gap Assessment or to build and launch a new marketing system, we go through a series of critical steps in what we call our “Unique Process.”

One step is a thorough usability-conversion analysis of all aspects of your website and marketing materials. Part of this assessment is a deep-dive look at your video strategy. Our goal in collecting analytics for videos is to maximize the effectiveness of this critical marketing tool. Ultimately, we want to put you in a position where your video content is significantly speeding up your sales cycle.

In this article, we’ll outline:

The Play Button: The Internet’s Most Effective CTA

A businessman reaches a finger out to click on a large, white video play button that hovers in the air.

Video is no longer simply an up-and-coming marketing trend. It is officially a staple of any good marketing campaign.

In fact, your potential clients are so used to engaging with web-video content, that they are likely expecting you to deliver a variety of video content—across your website, social media, email content, and every other platform where they engage with your brand.

According to Hubspot’s “16 Video Marketing Statistics to Inform Your 2020 Strategy,

in 2019 video was the number one form of media used in content strategy, overtaking blogs and infographics!

Effective types of marketing videos include:

  • Traditional videos
  • Homepage videos
  • Animated explainers
  • Bite-sized videos
  • Asset page videos
  • Product demos
  • Testimonials
  • How-tos

If you’re looking for the perfect inspiration to craft your next video, glance through these five, helpful promo-video ideas to get your wheels turning on how to best craft your message and hook your audience!

The fact that video is expected isn’t the only reason to make use of this marketing tool. It turns out that video is also extremely effective—so much so, that the play button has been referred to as the most clicked on call-to-action (CTA) in the digital world!

If the appearance of a play button can move your viewers to further engagement with your content, then it’s about time to start maximizing the power of video.

So, what does video accomplish? While certain types of video are intended for specific purposes, such as getting across product information or answering frequently asked questions, some of the most effective videos serve a wider goal.

The goal is to tell your story.

A great video may include specific information, but the tone and context will also help to communicate your overall story in a few important ways:

  • It will help identify who you are, what you do, and why you do it
  • It will showcase your unique selling proposition
  • It will invite the viewer to discover why they are (or should be) connected to your story

Analytics, Video Tracking, and Making the Most of Your Marketing

An opt-in screen shows where video viewers would enter their name and email to be able to continue watching.

If you know anything about our approach to marketing (what we call “marketing done right”), then you know it revolves around the importance of, and need for, data. We believe that great marketing has to be a combination of both art and science. This is true of your website and video strategy.

You could hire a solid designer or a quality video production company, but, if the art isn’t combined with the power of conversion science to actually make it work, then what good is it for your marketing? It won’t help accomplish your promotional campaign objectives.

Here’s our point: Even if you have superb video content, but no analytics in place, you’re only getting a small fraction of the benefits of marketing with video. It’s like the old adage about a tree falling in the woods. If there’s no one around to hear it, does it still make a sound?

For our purposes in explaining analytics for video, we’d ask something like this:

If someone watches 80% of your video, but you never capture any lead information or other critical data about their engagement, does it really matter that they watched your video at all?

Video analytics allow us to figure out:

  • Summary of the number of viewers
  • Play rate
  • Hours watched
  • Average engagement

More in-depth video analytics include:

  • Who exactly is watching your videos, listed by name
  • Where the engagement is trailing off
  • Which viewers are entering the sales pipeline

While having access to this kind of data is obviously extremely valuable for making marketing decisions, Vidyard’s Video in Business Benchmark Report determined that only 35% of businesses are using intermediate or advanced analytics to measure video performance.

What, then, are other businesses missing? It’s the one simple trick that makes collecting critical data from video possible: The opt-in screen.

Did you find us with the keyword?

Video Analytics Google

A dashboard screen shows analytics video tracking, displaying categories such as views, play rate, etc.

How do we get this level of data?

By adding an opt-in window to either the very beginning of your video or part way through (usually about 20 seconds in), you can quickly and simply capture user information that will transform the way you view video’s role in your marketing strategy.

Once your opt-in screens are set up within your video content, you need a good customer relationship management (CRM) or marketing-automation system that can connect directly. This allows your collected lead intelligence to be stored, organized, and available for use.

Marketing Done Right: Making Data-Driven Decisions

Critical-analytics video information can take your engagement with your prospects to the next level. Not only will you have a better understanding of your general audience’s attention span, but you’ll also have detailed insight into individual viewers’ behaviors, preferences, and experiences with your content.

For example, consider Bob, a visitor to your site. Your homepage video looks compelling and he’s willing to enter his name and email in order to continue watching it past the 20-second mark. However, he gets distracted before finishing it entirely, so he misses the call to action at the end.

Based on Bob’s engagement, your CRM can assign him a lead score and your marketing automation can kick in with exactly the right drip-marketing strategy to keep him connected to your brand moving forward. If the video he watched outlined the features and benefits of your product, but the CTA he missed was an offer for a free demo, then your drip sequence can start with an invite to take advantage of the demo, and then a reminder of the cost of procrastinating, etc.

Having this critical intel allows you to engage with your leads more efficiently. It also allows you to make small tweaks and improvements to your video strategy overall. This sort of approach is what we like to call growth-driven marketing.

Benefits of video analytics:

  • Provides a dashboard with quick info at your fingertips
  • Works hand in hand with your sales team
  • Adds data for lead-scoring purposes
  • Allows your marketing automation emails to be more precise
  • Individualizes your approach for each lead
  • Speeds up your sales cycle
  • Keeps you up to speed with current marketing and tech trends
  • Helps you achieve your marketing campaign objectives

Getting Started With Video Analytics

If you’re convinced about the value of tracking video data, then you might consider getting started with Google Analytics video tracking. In your Google Analytics account, use the event tracking feature to gather analytics on your videos. This will allow you to set up a basic way to assess:

  • Views
  • Pause and drop rates
  • Comparisons between video viewers and non-video viewers

When you work with us, we set you up with a customized dashboard that’s automatically connected to every video asset you create. Your dashboard will provide you with quick data at your fingertips as well as more in-depth analysis for those times you want to know more.

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