Social Selling

Social Selling: Unleashing the power of Linkedin automation

Let’s face it, Linkedin is the best Rolodex in the world with 260 million active users.

Automation is the key to social selling on Linkedin. Farotech’s automated social selling platform enables a level of outreach and productivity that is unattainable with manual sales outreach.

Farotech’s SocialSelling platform integrates seamlessly with Linkedin to identify the right targets, customize messaging and reach your potential sales targets at scale.

Do that math, when you consider doing this manually it would take time and energy that most companies simply don’t have. With SocialSelling this is done for you painlessly. Once it is set up it is as simple as identifying the buyer personas you want to reach and checking your inbox.

Best of all our approach magnifies outreach capabilities to new levels while retaining personalized messaging that helps you reach the right targets, at the right time in a way that feels like it was built specifically for them. Next, our platform automatically sends messages sequenced in a natural rhythm to create new sales opportunities.

And the best part is that your platform gives you a whole host of conversion metrics. So you are able to know what messaging is working for what audiences. This is data-driven marketing at its best.

How does it work?

Farotech’s social selling platform works in tandem with Linkedin to create a custom sales list that is seamlessly integrated into the social selling platform to reach those targets at scale

Imagine being able to reach 1,000 unique customers a week as opposed to on average manually reaching 50 customers in a month. Social selling automation increases business outreach capabilities by an order of magnitude far outpacing what humans could accomplish in the same time period.

Farotech’s social selling platform develops a marketing sequence: a series of emails that are dripped out to the targeted sales list over a time period customized to how intensively your company chooses to market. This approach gives the look and feel of individualized messaging without the time investment of manually reaching out to each lead.

Benefits of social selling

  • Reach leads at scale with a customized message
  • Maximize productivity on Linkedin
  • Increase speed of sales cycle by presenting value proposition through automation
  • Optimize outreach prevents over messaging
  • Generate business connections that translate into real sales opportunities

How the Process works

  1. Identify target audience using Linkedin sales navigator criteria
  2. Integrate list with social selling platform to reach audience at scale
  3. Develop individualized messaging for marketing sequences
  4. Adjust message timing to emulate human outreach
  5. Monitor and optimize for campaign success

Farotech’s social selling platform integrates seamlessly with Linkedin allowing you to manage your inbox in one convenient place saving time with sleek design.

Cherry Pick your competition’s Audience. BOOM

Our Platform also allows the ability to compile targeted sales lists based on interactions with relevant articles that may have been written by someone else.

For Example, let’s say that you are marketing it to automotive engineers. If Elon Musk posts an article that has 1000’s of people that like and engage with that article, you are able to make a smart campaign that gets your message to everyone who engages with Elon’s article on Linkedin.

With over 1.5 million unique publishers actively sharing content on LinkedIn the possibilities are endless.

Throttle to Humanize and Maximize your Results

Farotech organic sequencing allows for each step of the marketing sequence to be throttled, increasing the intensity in parts of the campaign where the data shows buyer drop-off and decreasing in segments that flow faster than the consumer’s buying process.

For example, If the sequence was showing a drop-off between opening the initial connection message and the follow-up message sent out three days later; Farotech would decrease the amount of time between messages so the customer buying experience flows allowing each step to build off the last without leaving days of indecision between messages.

Throttling your campaigns creates a sales experience that harnesses the power of automation, but feels very human. It is really the best of both worlds.

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