Generate And Convert With The Best Inbound Marketing Strategies

An inbound marketing strategy that attracts, engages, and keeps clients loyal to your brand is critical for businesses that want to tell their story and sell their product or service effectively.

Executing a holistic strategy—from targeted lead nurturing to continued and lasting relationships with your clients—will go a long way in achieving a positive ROI on your marketing dollars.

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Here, we’ll outline some of the top inbound marketing approaches to help you spend your marketing dollars wisely. Namely, we will focus on targeted inbound techniques that beat old traditional marketing methods of casting too wide a net for your audience.

Three Prerequisites to Lead Generation

The first thing every company wants is an effective way to generate and nurture leads. Without a proven lead generation process, you risk spending more than necessary to capture an ever-elusive foothold in online search results. According to Internet Live Stats, the volume of Google searches grows by roughly 10% every year. With more volume comes more competition to capture an audience interested in your goods or services.

That’s why quality content, optimized for search engines and geared around your buyer’s journey, will lead to significant increases in quality leads. But first, you’ll need to map out some things about who you are as a business and, more importantly, who you’re trying to reach. Some ways to effectively do that include:

  • Getting a Gap Assessment. This is one crucial aspect of an effective overall marketing campaign that businesses often overlook or skip entirely. A Gap Assessment exposes your business’s marketing strengths and weaknesses as well as how to fix them.
  • Planning Strategic Content Creation. The better you know your audience, the better you’ll be able to market to them. Developing buyer personas and optimizing content for them are great ways to cater to specific people and communicate effectively.
  • Broadening Your Content Forms. No single form of content will engage every person; people have preferences. Building out a multi-pronged content approach that includes PPC (pay-per-click) ads, retargeting ads for social media users, and other content forms like short videos or podcasts can take your traffic to the next level.

Content Has Been, and Will Continue to be King

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The phrase “content is king” is ubiquitous in marketing circles for a reason. Strategic content remains top of mind for industry thought leaders as they try to find ways to craft messaging for the future. Here are some 2021 trends to look forward to and build out with help from an expert digital marketer:

  1. Blog writing. Blogging—especially guest blogging—can drive lead generation and overall customer engagement if done right. According to marketing guru Neil Patel: “When you guest post on industry expert sites, you bring relevant traffic back to your own website. That’s why I guest blogged for years…the blogging market is growing fast. There are millions of posts being published daily for a reason: Blogging drives traffic.”
  2. Longer, More In-Depth Content. Taking the blogging trend a step further, Patel says: “You can’t throw together a lazy 500 or 1,000-word post and expect your business to become the next Facebook. It just won’t happen. Instead, you need high-quality, high-value, consistent blogging to transform your business.” According to Backlinko, the average top-ranking blog post on Google is 1,447 words. In the same way podcasts have exploded in popularity due to their long-form discussion about niche subjects, longer blogs that capture attention do the same. Readers reward thorough research more than cursory explorations.
  3. Production Value. As virtual events have exploded as a replacement for in-person engagement, this trend outlined by HubSpot shows that a combination of strategic content and high production value for content such as webinars, videos, conferences, and downloadable offers have the highest customer engagement. The more graphic design understanding and effort put into presentations, the better a potential client will perceive you and what you can do for them.

Take Your Inbound Marketing To New Heights

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There are plenty of ways to improve your inbound marketing strategy and turn customers into your most ardent supporters—more visual content, compelling headlines, in-depth and data-driven articles, and effective storytelling.

To guide you in your journey toward inbound marketing strategies that deliver measurable ROI, we recommend using a team-based approach. With a team-based approach, get all the benefits of a full-time team of professional marketers without any of the downsides.

At Farotech, we have dozens of experienced marketers who are ready to take your leads and conversion rates to new highs for at least 40% less than any traditional marketing alternative.

If you want to learn more about how to incorporate a holistic marketing campaign with the help of a team-based approach, click here to learn more.