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Have you heard about the amazing impacts of inbound marketing? Whether you’re a small, medium, or large-sized business, inbound can have a long-term effect on the relationships you develop with clients and customers. What’s inbound about? Farotech, a Philadelphia inbound marketing company, wants to share on what we know about inbound, and what it’s meant for our clients.


The first thing to understand when approaching inbound marketing is that it is about developing a relationship with your client or customer. Whether the client/customer is a long-time faithful or a new prospect, you still have to show that you can keep up with the changing demands of your field. Creating knowledge and embedding yourself within a person’s social network are approaches that work in this technological, social-media driven age. People are high consumers of information, and many will attest that they will not go to a new business unless they have read or heard about it from someone they know.

So what IS inbound, exactly? Inbound marketing refers to the type of marketing strategy that might look a bit more passive than your traditional advertising strategies of the past. Instead of outbound–the company going out to get customers through buying ads, buying email lists, etc., — inbound tries to draw the customers in through producing quality content. Inbound brings the customer to exactly where they want to be.


Good question. Farotech is here to bring you a variety of services, such as designing your website, creating content for blog and SEO, developing a customized design for your brand, develop leads through marketing automation, smart social media syndication, analytics, and re-marketing, among others.

Our goal is to ensure that your company becomes a thought leader in the industry so that your marketing efforts don’t look so much like you’re constantly promoting yourself, but more that you want to provide your customers with the information they need to make informed, valid decisions. You are partners in that process, there to help and guide them. Thus, you project a personality to the world that can be trusted, as opposed to the simple “sales persona.”

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