Video Testimonial

Build trust with your visitors and gain buy-in from potential customers with testimonials.


Client testimonials are one of the most powerful forms of marketing out there. So why leave it to chance? A testimonial video gives you the opportunity to tell your client’s success story in a powerful and engaging way that can be shared on your website and syndicated across social media.

We’ll help you plan your video through script writing and story boarding. Then, we’ll plan your shoot and capture your testimonial video and B-Roll Footage. In post production, we’ll edit this together into a captivating 3-5 minute video, optimized for search engine visibility!


  • 2 hours of script writing (1 round of client revisions)
  • 1 hour table reading with client
  • 4 hours onsite filming
  • 4 hours in-studio filming (or additional on-site)
  • 6 hours post production (1 round of client revisions)
  • licensed music
  • lower thirds
  • 3-5 minute finished testimonial video

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