Heatmapping Reports & Web Consultation


Heat Mapping Reports & Web Consultation

Get critical intel on how your website visitors are engaging with your content.


With today’s access to advanced analytics, designers no longer have to play the guessing game. We can get inside the mind of your website visitors and truly optimize the user experience – based on real data.

Here at Farotech, we like to use a heat mapping program that cleverly grades websites on usability. And now we’re offering you access to that same tool so you can find out for yourself just how well your site is performing and where it might need some work.

This offer comes with a complimentary, one hour session with our marketing team. We’ll review your heat mapping report with you and give you helpful tips on how to improve your conversions based on the data.

Just complete the form on the right to request access to the heat mapping tool and a follow up report and consultation.

Your heat mapping report will help to determine:

  • Where your site visitors’ eye/mouse movements are on your homepage
  • Whether users are scrolling down far enough to see your calls to action
  • Which areas of your site people are visiting most, in priority order