17 SEO Myths You Can Leave Behind


17 SEO Myths You Can Leave Behind

It’s the ebook that may just change everything you thought you knew about SEO.


SEO – search engine optimization- is a critical piece of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy…and it is often the most misunderstood aspect.

Because Google is constantly changing it’s sophisticated algorithms, the world of SEO can be a frustrating place for a CEO or CMO trying to stay current with best practices and all of Google’s rules.

We’ve found that clients come to us with many of the same misconceptions about SEO, so we put together this helpful ebook, 17 SEO Myths You Can Leave Behind, to help you eliminate unhelpful practices right off the bat.

Quit wasting time and money chasing what are essentially just myths associated with SEO. Fill out the form on the right and we’ll get you a downloadable copy of that ebook for your own reference.

In this SEO ebook, you’ll find out why:

  • Obsessing about exact match keywords is the wrong approach to SEO
  • H1s and meta descriptions aren’t as big of a deal as you thought they were
  • SEO depends more on useful communication than it does on technical tricks

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