How AI is Transforming Marketing Landscape with Brian Dainis

Welcome to Digital Marketing Masterclass, featuring our special guest Brian Dainis, the CEO of Curotech and a renowned tech entrepreneur. Brian brings his wealth of expertise in tech, AI, entrepreneurship, and coding to the forefront of this episode. Join us as Brian explores innovative business ideas centered around leveraging the power of GPT-4, sharing his insights on the evolution of AI. Discover how GPT-4 is expected to enhance contextual understanding and real-time capabilities, shaping the future of marketing. In this engaging conversation, Brian also discusses his podcast, “Cash Flow Podcast,” along with fascinating topics including Google and Microsoft. And hosting this insightful discussion is none other than Chris Carr, the CEO of Farotech. With over 22 years of experience, Chris has specialized in implementing AI into comprehensive marketing approaches. Prepare for an enlightening episode as they delve into the profound influence of AI on the marketing landscape