The Two Top Pitfalls in Physical Therapy Marketing Materials


It’s time to get started marketing your business with your new physical therapy marketing materials. You’re excited– ready to show the world the amazing services they can receive from you, services that will change their lives. It’s a great place to start. But while you’re considering how to go about promoting your physical therapy business, you might consider these two common pitfalls when using your physical therapy marketing materials:

1. You Start Marketing You, Rather than Your Benefitsphysical therapy marketing materials

Businesses can easily fall into this trap, so it’s important to keep one of the foremost marketing principles in mind at all times: Market benefits. Translate your features into BENEFITS for your potential patient, and he or she will believe you are well worth the time. You should, of course, explain what makes your physical therapy distinctive compared to all the others, but always come back to explaining the benefits that will be received: such as personal care, an individualized plan, special deals on certain treatments when you are participating in a therapy for a certain amount of time, etc.

2. You Stop Using your Social Media

When you begin, using social media can often be fun and exciting as you communicate with your patients online. Twitter and Facebook are probably the most well-known and used of these social media platforms. But before you think that only the new generation of technology users (i.e. teens to 30s) are on these platforms, consider that again. According to a New York Daily News Article from 2013, about ⅔ of people aged 50-60 and 43% of those over 65 are on Facebook. That means it is vital for you to continue with your social media strategy, since people of all ages are seeing it and are being brought to your website through it.

These two common pitfalls point us in the direction to better marketing practices, such as how to frame language, and what activities to undertake when seeking to improve SEO (increasing # of hits on your website). If you’re a physical therapist looking for help on marketing, why not try connecting with a firm that specializes in health care marketing? Call us at Farotech for a free consultation: 267-387-6620.

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