Getting Results from Great Physical Therapy Inbound Marketing Ideas


Physical therapy inbound marketing ideas are an essential part of any practice’s efforts to reach potential patients. You may already be taking important steps toward proactively connecting with the public: paid advertisements, community outreach, and patient referral programs can all be effective ways to bring new clients to your office. If this is working for you, then it is probably safe to say that you have a good part of your marketing strategy running smoothly; but while you are reaching out to a wide audience, have you considered the specific audience that may be reaching out to you?

physical therapy inbound marketing ideas

Inbound marketing is a term that refers to a set of strategies that focus on the perspectives, needs, desires, and habits of a particular audience. With the internet being the most common method people employ in order to find information on any given topic or business, it is likely that your potential patients are searching online for a physical therapist before they even think to ask a friend, family member, or primary care physician. A few reliable physical therapy inbound marketing ideas can ensure that these people visit your website, like what they see, and follow through with you by visiting your practice.

Good Physical Therapy Inbound Marketing Ideas Are Patient-Focused

At Farotech, we have spent several years fine-tuning our approach to inbound marketing, and we have discovered that any good strategy involves a considerable amount of empathy, or stepping into the shoes of your potential clients. This can apply to a variety of marketing platforms:

  • Blogging: What do my potential patients want to read about?

  • Website: What sort of content and graphics would capture my attention if I were looking for a physical therapy practice?

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): What are the search terms that someone might use when looking for a physical therapist online?

  • Multimedia: What sort of information can patients learn from the videos and podcasts I include on my website?

  • Social Media: Am I engaging with patients and the public in a way that showcases my personality and expertise?

As you ask yourself these questions, you want to consider what we call your “buyer persona,” a profile of the potential patient you are likely to attract to your practice. For more information on how you can develop an idea of this persona and appeal to them with effective physical therapy inbound marketing ideas, contact Farotech today.

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