Three Old Sayings that Are Actually Great Physical Therapists’ SEO Ideas


Search engine optimization is a relatively new idea, as physical therapists and other businesses take their marketing campaigns to the online world. While this move is an excellent way to make connections with potential and current clients who search online for physical therapists, SEO ideas may often seem overly complicated. However, three old sayings are actually a great start for for any list of physical therapists’ SEO ideas.

physical therapists seo ideas

1. Keep it Simple

Whether you are writing a blog or responding to a client concern in a public form, it is important to keep your comments accessible to a range of potential patients. Internet users are looking for straightforward articles that are easy to read and understand; after all, they began their search looking for answers in the first place, not more confusion! For physical therapists, this means getting to the point of your article quickly and also avoiding unnecessary jargon, thus conveying the image of a physical therapy practice that is personable and helpful.

2. Break it Down

Online, few things are more intimidating than a massive block of unbroken text, so one of your best moves for search engine optimization is to break it down. When potential clients have thousands of sites to turn to for answers, even the most well-written article, presented badly, will easily be turned down for one that is more immediately visually pleasing. Aim for short paragraphs and the use of headers and subheadings to help organize your ideas in an accessible way. Another great way to break up that wall of text is to include pictures, which catch the reader’s eye and support your ideas.

3. Quality Over Quantity

Finally, for physical therapists, SEO ideas all come down to quality over quantity. Although it is important to use the keywords and phrases your clients are searching for, jamming articles actually has a negative effect in most search engine algorithms. Furthermore, readers will recognize when your site offers no helpful information and is simply designed to appear to meet their needs. To remedy this, ensure that your content is actually useful and well written, providing an immediate service.

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