Physical Therapists Inbound Marketing Ideas to Move Your Practice Forward


For physical therapists, inbound marketing ideas are about more than just moving your website further up the rankings on major search engines. Rather, inbound marketing and search engine optimization are about creating connections. These connections provide an initial service to visitors, build the credibility of your practice, and ultimately help to transform visitors into clients. Although there are innumerable inbound marketing ideas for physical therapists, two basic principles can serve as a guide along the way.

physical therapists inbound marketing ideas

Start with the Client in Mind

Inbound marketing is all about anticipating the needs of your clients. For physical therapists, inbound marketing ideas are all founded upon the questions and concerns your potential patients might have about rehabilitation and the restoration of mobility. When winter comes, perhaps this means anticipating questions of how to prevent or treat injuries related to seasonal activities such as skiing or snowboarding. Or perhaps spring is the right time to offer your expertise on how to protect one’s back during gardening. It’s all about realizing that your potential clients are turning to the web with questions about their mobility and then entering into this open forum to join them in conversation.

Stay True to Your Identity

When you do begin to build connections with potential clients through blogs, offering answers in forums, or through other social media, it is important that you maintain consistency. As your inbound marketing brings visitors into contact with your practice in a variety of ways, they should begin to recognize your unique identity. When you answer questions or offer helpful advice, make sure that it is clear to clients that this service-mentality, and perhaps the area of specialization, is a consistent part of your practice.

As you continue putting these physical therapists’ inbound marketing ideas into practice, it is important that you do so with creativity and consistency. For more ideas about how to jumpstart your inbound marketing campaign, contact Farotech today.

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