Produce the Best Philadelphia SEOs for your Company


If you want the keys to the marketing kingdom, you have to start with well-written SEOs. Google will favor you, people will come flocking to your website, and your increased exposure will result in more lead conversion.

This super-simple structure will bring clients flocking to your blog posts in no time. It is also good to keep in mind that when you keep investing in content, your Google rankings will reward you in the long haul. Follow this structure to produce the best Philadelphia SEO for your business.

  1. Grab their attention with an amazing title. Believe it or not, many expert copywriters spend as much as 80% of their time crafting a title! Most people skim titles while surfing the internet. You´ve got to make a catchy one to draw their attention! To get ideas, you can use Hubspot´s blog generator. Even if you don´t use their combinations, you can play around a bit!A few ways to generate winning titles for your SEO or blog:
    • Use Humor (“Why Jack Black Needs To Learn About Home Dental Care”)
    • Leverage mistakes (“The 4 biggest mistakes you make when…)
    • Reveal Secrets (“The Secrets to Gardening that Only Your Mother Would Know”)
    • Ask A Question (“Do You Know What Makes a Good Lawyer?”)
  1. Introduce a problem, explain the benefits of reading or the risks of not reading. Your goal is to provide information and, ultimately, make a promise to potential customers.SEO is an inbound marketing tool. Inbound marketing is different than your average in-your-face advertisement because its strategy is to build a relationship with the client by providing them with consistent, trustworthy information relevant to your industry. Your task is to pull them in and then provide enough useful information that they come back for more later on.
  1. Make your body section highly readable. The way you do this is write in shorter sentences and shorter paragraphs. People can read more quickly this way. Make use of accurate headings so that people can go to the content they most want to read. Bulleted lists are common for SEOs and should not be underrated.
  1. Choose a powerful graphic. Depending on the content of your SEO, you´ll choose your graphic accordingly.  Consider that a visual should grab your reader´s attention as much as or more than the title. It should also reveal a clue as to what the SEO is about.
  1. Introduce your company if you haven´t already. An SEO is a chance to provide a short introduction to your company and the services you provide. The information that you give in a SEO should lead your reader straight to your company and how you can improve their lives.

SEOs (200-300 words) are shorter than blogs(400+ words), but that doesn´t mean you can´t make good use of this opportunity. Keep your SEO simple, straight up, and to the point. When you´re done producing your SEO, you should have an idea in your mind of what you want the reader to have learned.

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