Paid Ads


Paid Ads Strategies

One of the most effective ways to target audiences is to use paid advertising. There are a lot of advantages to paid ads, including the easiest way to know your cost per acquisition. There’s an art and a science to paid ads not only for search engines (such as Google) but for social media ads as well.

The bad part of paid ads is that it’s among the easiest ways to lose your money if you don’t know how to implement them effectively.

In this eBook, we’ll talk about some common elements and benefits of a strong paid advertising strategy including:

  • Retargeting to keep ads front and center
  • Geotargeting to specific regions
  • Consistency to keep you top of mind
  • ROI/Cost-per-acquisition for the bottom line
  • …and more.

With this approach you should be well on your way to developing campaigns that ideally decrease your cost per ad, but will improve your clickthrough rate, conversions, and impressions.

Only about 2% of your audience will actually see your organic social media, that’s why you’ll want to have a paid social media approach. But the other thing that paid advertising does is harness the power of targeting.

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