Top Orthopedics Internet Marketing Ideas


When you’re talking about the world wide web, promoting your orthopedic practice starts with getting noticed. That’s where basic search engine optimization techniques come into play. Have you cleaned up your site’s title tags, meta descriptions, image alt tags, etc? Are you consistently developing new, fresh, keyword rich content for your site? We always our clients in the medical field to implement this first orthopedics internet marketing idea: start a blog!orthopedics internet marketing ideas

A blog will allow you to actively add new content to your site on a weekly basis. We recommend posting 3-5 times per week, if possible. That’s alot of extra writing for one person, but if you create a schedule and recruit a couple of doctors to help you generate new blog content (or at least ideas), posting becomes easier. And it certainly pays off when all that keyword rich, helpful content gets noticed by Google!

Also among our top tips in our orthopedics internet marketing ideas is the concept of networking within your field. Creating resource pages on your site and linking out to other known and respected authorities in the medical world can prove helpful in establishing quality outbound links. Request inbound links from sites with whom you have a working relationship. This could be a physical therapy practice where you refer patients after surgery or a medical equipment website where you order products. Quality inbound links are always helpful.

Other Orthopedics Internet Marketing Ideas

  • Focus on quality content: imagine your site as a resource center for your patients and fill it with helpful information that will actually be productive and appreciated

  • Create Easy Navigation: utilize easy text links in an organized structure that leads users from the home page towards more specific pages (with an easy way to get back again – we recommend leaving a “breadcrumb trail”)

  • Clean up your site: this means title tags, meta descriptions, image alt tags, internal links, etc.

  • Build your Database: Develop resources that you can give away for free on your site in exchange for potential patients’ contact information

Orthopedics Internet Marketing Ideas | Orthopedic Internet Marketing Ideas