5 Creative Orthopedic Doctors’ Inbound Marketing Ideas


For orthopedic doctors, inbound marketing ideas are increasingly important for bringing new clients to their practice, as well as for fostering relationships with current patients. As you know, inbound marketing is all about creating relevant, useful content that will bring your clients to you. Many have emphasized the importance of creating blogs or using social media to consistently update this content. However, for orthopedic doctors, inbound marketing ideas like these can easily become vague and unhelpful. You have a blog, now what do you do with it? So, if your content is feeling tired out, check out these creative inbound marketing ideas for orthopedic doctors like you!

1. Be a Teacher

As an orthopedic doctor, you are an expert in a field that creates anxiety or stress for many of your clients. Use that knowledge to help out your clients by creating instructional blogs or videos, such as “How to Prevent Injuries While Ice-Skating.”

2. Be a Comedian (post or create a comic)

When people are looking for orthopedic doctors, they don’t need to be serious all the time! One of the quickest way to create a connection with someone is through humor. Why not post or create a comic that will be relevant to your patients?

3. Be a Critic

You are probably aware of many products and services that your clients are using. Consider reviewing some of these from an orthopedic perspective and sharing your findings with clients who may be trying to choose between various baby carriers or perhaps office chairs.

4. Be a Conversation Partner

If you have a Facebook page or Twitter account, chances are you have clients who have posted questions or comments there. Responding to these past and present patients in a helpful, timely manner is worth more than a whole list of orthopedic doctors’ inbound marketing ideas!

5. Be a Regular

One of the most important aspects of quality content is being consistent in your updates. A stale Facebook page or blog that hasn’t been touched in months is one that will be ignored by search engines and potential clients. Don’t let this happen to you! For more information about how to jumpstart your inbound marketing campaign, contact Farotech today.

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