Marketing Orthopedic Care With Farotech!


You may think that your excellent orthopedic care is enough to drive clients into your office. However, in this day and age of internet searches, potential clients are relying more on website savvy than on word-of-mouth when it comes to choosing their orthopedic specialist.

Orthopeadic Care MarketingAt Farotech, we have the website acumen and orthopedic marketing strategies to make your practice stand out among the competition. Our orthopedic care marketing techniques are cutting edge and effective, and will turn your cold leads into clients.

Our marketing strategies are centered on inbound marketing techniques. In essence, inbound marketing is about driving clients to your website using informative blogs, videos and web content, rather than bombarding clients with emails and advertising. We work with you to develop a quality website with excellent content that showcases orthopedic care specialists, and your practice in particular.

In addition to inbound marketing, we also practice lead nurturing tactics. We carefully map out marketing automation plans for your interaction with potential clients via social media and emails so that you can build a relationship. We trust relationship-based marketing over abstract, advertisement-based marketing, especially in the orthopedic field where relationships are vital to the practice!

Farotech is also leading the field in search engine optimization (SEO). In order to boost your ratings on Google and other search engines, we build your website’s content around keywords. These keywords are frequently searched phrases by individuals that are looking for orthopedic care in your area. By building your web content around these keywords, these clients are able to more easily find your website and seek out your services!

You know orthopedic practice, and Farotech knows web marketing. Together we can develop orthopedic marketing campaigns that will amaze potential clients. To begin working with Farotech today, simply fill out our online form! We will contact you shortly to begin developing an orthopedic marketing plan that works for you!

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