3 Killer Tips for Logo Design


Logo design is one of the most important aspects of the marketing for any company. Why? Logos help you to be remembered, create an impression, and shapes the consumer’s conception (often subliminally) of you. Even toddlers recognize logos before they learn to read! For businesses or health care practices seeking to develop this baseline marketing tool, here we’d like to offer three of our tips for logo design.

Logo Design

  1.      Be Creative. It’s hard not to make a logo similar to another company’s since there are so many already out there, and sometimes other company’s logos may embed in your mind subconsciously without your knowing it! It’s good to start with looking at other logos for inspiration, allowing these to help you reflect on your own brand.
  2.      Reflect the Brand. That means understanding your company’s ideology and personality, not just your products or services. After you view other logos for inspiration, write down what you think about YOUR brand. You can create a mood board with employees brainstorming feelings and ideas, for example, to explore what your company means to you. More than that, what does your customer desire or aspire to be?
  3.      Be Intentional about Color and Lettering. The two components of a logo are typically 1) the symbol and 2) the text. Don’t underestimate the importance and symbolic meaning of the color you pick! What kinds of emotions do you want to evoke about your company? Red could be aggressive, sexy, adventurous, or bold. Blue conveys professionalism, tranquility, reliability, and is often associated with medical.  To be recognized solely by your symbol without text, your company will have to do a lot of advertising (which is why some companies, such as Coca-Cola, still use only text). Try not to make your logo design too complicated. A simple symbol with a quirk is more effective than a logo with a lot of colors, shapes, or involved text.

What are your best tips for logo design? If you’d like more information on how to design a logo or contract with a marketing partner to accomplish this, call us at Farotech for a free consultation at  267.387.6620

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