Why Internet Marketing For Orthopedics?


Potential patients are no longer looking at print ads and TV commercials. When they need a physical therapist, they go directly to the internet to search for a recommended, convenient therapist. This is why internet marketing for physical therapy is of the utmost importance when it comes to expanding your patient base.

Internet Marketing for Physical Therapy Groups

Website Design

Website design is a critical component of internet marketing for physical therapy. Simply having a website to prove you are a legitimate group is not enough. Potential patients are taking to the internet to research groups and their decision is largely based on how well-designed the website is.

inbound_marketing for orthopedicsYour website should be designed for user experience with an easy-to-follow navigation system. Ideally, you want your visitors to “convert” into patients. In order to do this, your website should naturally generate conversations and nurture visitors at the different purchasing stages:

  • Research

  • Evaluation

  • Purchase

  • Repurchase


SEO is the next step in improving internet marketing for physical therapy. You need to optimize it so it shows up in the search engine results pages. Targeting keywords applicable to physical therapy is a start. However, narrowing your keyword strategy to include long tail keywords that are even more specific to you and your geographic location and special services are going to boost your rankings even more. Wouldn’t it be great to rank for the term “how to improve range of motion after surgery”?

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a widely-used tactic that enhances website design, SEO, social media, and lead generation. It revolves around the timely production of quality, targeted content. This content can come in various forms including blog posts, eBooks, white papers and videos.

A proper content strategy should be incorporated in physical therapy internet marketing efforts to attract prospective patients, engage with them while they evaluate you, encourage them to become a patient and also reward them for coming to you.

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