How to Get More Chiropractic Patients


All chiropractic offices want to know how to get more chiropractic patients. More patients, more business, more work – it’s all good for everyone in the office. It’s time to think outside the box. Assuming you’re already doing some marketing, have a top quality website, and are focusing on providing excellent services to your patients, there is still more to be done.


But first, develop a relevant and fresh marketing campaign, update your website, and make sure all your bases in the office are covered. Once the foundation is set, you’re ready for some new ideas on how to get more chiropractic patients.

Patient Appreciation

Consider hosting a Patient Appreciation Day/Week. You can show your current patients how much you appreciate their business. Offer a special rate for anyone they bring in or refer, whether family or friends. Decorate the office with balloons or something inexpensive. Schedule out upcoming Patient Appreciation Days and remind your staff and patients of them in advance. Many offices have seen 10-15 new patients each time. And in order to keep these new patients coming back, offer them a deal on buying a package of services. Maybe you can offer them 10 adjustments for the price of 8, or something along those lines.

Social Media

You could also turn to social media and your blog to get more chiropractic patients. Write some quality and relevant articles about common problems people face every day that a chiropractic office can help them with. Chronic back pain is so common that many people just deal with it. Offer some helpful solutions that may or may not involve coming into your office. Make a name for yourself and people may want to schedule an appointment with someone they feel has some authority on the matter.

For more ideas on how to get chiropractic patients, contact Farotech!

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