3 SEO Local Search Tips to Get Business Results


Google SEO 101I’ve worked with enough local businesses to know that the first hoop they have to jump through when they’re starting out their marketing campaign is getting over being burned by the so-called “experts.” They often feel that with so much contradictory information out there, it’s almost impossible to be confident that their marketing strategies could actually work.

If you’re in that boat, I’ve got good news for you. Not only are there SEO strategies for Google local searches that work, but ones that will deliver more business results over time. These 3 tips are for small businesses targeting a local crowd:

  1. Use localized content Localized content is any content that is based on your area and educates readers based on their specific interests. By sharing your purpose and passion, you can benefit your business a lot! My recommendation is to start a blog and create niche content–content specific to your products and town. Explain why the community is special and why your product aligns with community values. Tell your story. Why did you start your business? Interview people from the community. What testimonies do they have about your product?
  1. Get your businesses listed on Google Maps. If people can’t get directions to you, then how do you expect the customers to come? Take advantage of your right to claim your listing on Google Maps. This simple and easy step will give you more exposure as a company and allow you to manage how you appear on Google Maps. Here are Google’s instructions on how to claim your listing.The other big map sites you definitely need to get listed on are Mapquest, Yahoo Business, Bing, Yellow pages, Facebook, and Yelp.
  1. Link locally. Link building may be the most important tip for local businesses wanting to be found. And we’re not just talking about directories, although those are great too. Directories don’t carry the same weight as backlinks, so you’ll have to do the heavy lifting to get those sought-after SEO treasures.Local backlinking depends on good research. Start with city-run sites, which often have “local directories” listed. You can email the admin and request to be added. Then you might want to start looking at local clubs and outreach organizations. Joining will often land you a nice backlink on their website. Such links are important because they show how you are connected to the community. It goes without saying that you should only link yourself with organizations that you want to be associated with, since linking is all about relationships.

What next?

We hope these 3 simple tips have been helpful to you in your quest to improve your Google local search results. If you’d like more information on how to get better business results with your local SEO, call us at Farotech: 267-387-6620. What are your favorite tips for Google local search SEO?