Email Marketing Metrics


Email Marketing Metrics: How to Measure Your Email Marketing

Email marketing metrics may sound intimidating, but they’re really just a simple part of any email marketing campaign: they measure the success of the emails you are using to market to your client or potential-client base.

These metrics systems use an email conversion rate formula to determine how many individuals are being affected by your company’s emails. Your business can then adjust the marketing emails to make them an even more effective marketing strategy.

There are many different kinds of metrics used to measure an email campaign’s success. Here is just a sampling of common email marketing metrics and how their email marketing reports can best be used to increase the success of your business.

Email Metrics Definitions and Examples

Open Rates

One type of system for email marketing metrics, Open Rates, tracks the number of sent emails that have been opened, giving you a metric for the number of clients reached with your marketing information. Open rates is a good way to tell if you are using subject lines in your emails that grab the attention of your clients.

There is a downside to open rate metrics, though: many personal devices will automatically open emails, skewing the metrics report. However, you can still use open rate as a method of comparison from month to month to determine if more people are opening up your emails.

Click-through Rates

This type of metrics report gathers information on how many links are being clicked in your emails once they are opened. If your rates are less than ten percent, it’s time to step up your email marketing game. Try making your emails as accessible as possible for mobile phones; easy access on mobile devices is the most important part of click-through rates nowadays!

Unsubscribe Rate

This method of email marketing metrics tells you how many people, out of 100, just unsubscribed to an email. The key is to keep this number at 0.2 percent. If this number is higher, then you know it’s time to revamp your email marketing techniques to get more people hooked, and less likely to unsubscribe!

To learn more about email marketing metrics and how you can use the reports to better your email marketing campaign, contact Farotech today! We can help you improve your online image using cutting-edge marketing tactics that will be sure to boost your biz!