Essential Email Marketing Practices: Email Marketing Conferences Chime In


Having a solid email marketing program is one of the most effective ways to directly reach your target audience. It’s a creative and highly customizable system that can help you easily connect with your customers as well as create new connections. As with any marketing strategies, there are ways to do it well, and ways to easily do it wrong.

Here at Farotech, we’ve seen the good and the bad, heard from the top email marketing conferences, and have gleaned some valuable tips!

2 Key Practices from the Top Email Marketing Conferences

  1. Utilize the Power of Segmentation in Email Marketing
    Segmentation in email marketing has always been a challenge, since a subscriber list is usually solid and homogeneous. It is significantly easier to simply have a barebones email marketing strategy, regardless of how diverse the demographics of your subscribers may be.Much of the work done to perform segmentation with email marketing is done by some pretty advanced marketing automation software. With a basic email marketing service and a touch of creative thinking, effective segmentation isn’t out of reach.
  2. Enlist the Power of Good Aesthetics
    If there’s one thing all email marketing conferences can agree on, it’s that aesthetics are absolutely key in effective email marketing. People reject email as spam all the time, simply due to an annoying or unattractive presentation. Your email aesthetics are the first impression you give your customers: it’s how you present your services, as well as a reflection of your personal style and business identity.Understanding aesthetics goes a little deeper than just color and word choice, however. Proper aesthetic appeal represents an email formatting that can open across all major programs and types of devices, so you owe it to yourself to invest in the details. Know how to properly design the presentation of your emails so that nothing is lost when reaching a wide audience.

At Farotech, we’ve seen the good and the bad of email marketing, and the top conferences have spoken for themselves. Our skilled and dedicated team of marketing experts are capable of formulating an email marketing strategy that works uniquely for you. For more information about how an email marketing strategy can revitalize your marketing campaign, contact Farotech today.

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