3 Simple Strategies to Skyrocket Your Email Campaign


Email campaigns are the name of the game in marketing–when you consider that 92% of adults use e-mail, 61% using it on a given day (Pew Research). What’s the best way to optimize this powerful tool? Just because people are using e-mail, doesn’t mean that they will open yours. You have to make yours stand out by using powerful marketing strategies that not only make people want to open your e-mail, but will get them to follow through on your call to action. Many people do choose to receive email newsletters. The Nielsen Norman Group found that when people were asked to opt-in to receive company updates, only 10% elected to receive these through Facebook, while 90% chose e-mail newsletters. So give email campaigns a chance. You won’t be sorry you tried if you follow these tips:email campaign

  • Use a Rockin’ Subject Line. The number one thing you MUST do is create a subject line that arouses your prospect’s curiosity. For this, it’s necessary to imagine the average person to whom you are writing. Is it a stay-at-home soccer mom? Is it an executive frustrated with technology problems in the workplace? Try to be as specific as possible when you are imagining your target audience. Then, test out your e-mail subject line by sending two versions of the same email with different subject lines on a sample group. Then you can assess which subject line has been most effective for email opening.
  • Personalize, Personalize, Personalize! Do everything you can to make the letter as personal as possible. Instead of writing “Dear Customer,” use an email service that will input the prospect’s first name. When creating fields to fill out for an e-mail opt-in, include as many as you can (but make them OPTIONAL so that the prospect doesn’t get overwhelmed). You can then receive many types of information about your prospect, such as address, Facebook and Twitter accounts, etc., which will allow you to segment emails of relevance to different populations.
  • Segment Emails to Relevant Populations. It’s vital that you preserve the relationship with your potential customer by ensuring that the emails he or she receives are of interest, and do not become a bother, to him or her. One way to do this is to segment emails into smaller, niche customer groups, which your email marketing service should be able to do by creating different lists of the customers based on location, gender, past purchases, etc. This way, you can send out updates based on aspects that are likely to be of interest to different segments of your prospect population.

Here we’ve given you just a very few of Farotech’s strategies for jumpstarting your email campaign. For more help, you can contact us at 267.387.6620 or learn more by visiting our website at www.farotech.com. What are your best tips for marketing through email campaigns?

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