Christopher Carr

Founder & CEO of Farotech


Helping Companies Experience Explosive Growth With A Proven Marketing System.

“When marketing is done right, you are able to systematically generate leads, nurture leads into clients. and convert clients into brand ambassadors.


More than marketing

Chris’s Life’s Work Has Been About Telling His Clients’ Stories.

In 2001, Chris launched a start-up in his spare time – a marketing company called Farotech. What started primarily as a web design firm, quickly grew into a comprehensive digital marketing agency that now specializes in helping clients in the healthcare, orthopedics, SaaS, and cyber security fields see explosive growth through a proven marketing system. The Farotech team is proud to be known by the clients they serve— Penn Medicine, Rothman Institute, and Philadelphia Insurance Company, to name a few of their marquee partners.As Farotech has grown to roughly 50 team members, the company has also formed strategic partnerships with Hubspot, Wistia, and Google. One factor that sets Farotech apart is the company’s commitment to both art and science. While it’s known for a focus on conversion rate optimization, Farotech has never lost touch with its roots, proving its continued pledge to outstanding design by maintaining a full-fledged, award-winning creative team.

Chris is the strategic mastermind behind what makes Farotech’s system work. In a space that is notorious for being ever-changing, Chris has a knack for maintaining a strategic edge when it comes to all things digital marketing. He’s often quoted as saying that marketing done right isn’t a single solution or even a list of services— it’s a system.

He started Thought Leader Magazine in 2018, and has now transitioned to public speaking to share his message as a regular guest on industry podcasts and talk shows. Chris never tires of spilling all the company secrets on how businesses can experience explosive growth using a three to five-year roadmap to 5x or 10x their marketing and sales results.

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